A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand (Princeton Pocket Guides)

A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand (Princeton Pocket Guides)

A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand (Princeton Pocket Guides)













  • concise
  • useful photographs


  • no illustrations, just photographs
  • taxonomy (names) not always in sync with standards like eBird
  • some photos are poor quality

“When I visited New Zealand in 2005 the standard field guide to the birds was Heather, Robertson, Onley, which is an outstanding reference, but its large format made it inconvenient for use in the field. Thankfully, Princeton University Press has published a brand new guide to New Zealand birds.

A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand, by Julian Fitter and Don Merton includes outstanding photographs of all of the 350 species that can be seen in New Zealand. Also included is excellent text and distribution information. The authors have also included a section for visitors including lists of top birding spots, national parks and protected areas, trip operators, and conservation organizations. The book is pocket sized and easy to carry and use in the field. If, like me, you are slightly OCD, you will want the Heather, Robertson, Onley guide for your library. But for use in the field this new offering from Fitter and Merton is the book to have. ”

January 06, 2012
Wayne Mones (Audubon Magazine blog)

Publisher’s Description:

New Zealand is commonly described as “the land of birds.” Now, there is an easy-to-use guide for all those interested in this country’s remarkable bird population. A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand contains over 600 stunning photographs of the more than 350 bird species likely to be seen in this area of the world. Comprehensive and compact, the book includes full descriptions of all native species and regular visitors, distribution maps and measurements, key information on national parks, and useful information on ongoing conservation efforts in the country. Filled with handy tips for nature enthusiasts wanting to make the most of their trip, this is the only bird guide that anyone exploring this region will need.

• 600+ color photographs feature more than 350 bird species with full descriptions
• Distribution maps and measurements
• Key information on national parks helps readers find the best spots for bird sightings
• Useful information on conservation efforts
• Guidelines on sensible behavior for encountering nature at its best

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