Birds of Europe: Second edition (Princeton Field Guides)

Birds of Europe (2nd Edition)

Birds of Europe: Second edition (Princeton Field Guides)













  • great illustrations
  • illustrations alongside the text and maps
  • comprehensive: illustrations show plumage's and positions
  • coverage of Europe, N. Africa and much of the Middle East


  • print is quite small
  • may be too bulky for international travelers or for carrying in the field

“The Birds of Europe provides full coverage of 722 birds regularly occur in Europe, North Africa (above 30 degrees North), and Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan). An additional 23 introduced species or escapees from captivity are also included with lists of 103 other birds that are rare vagrants.

The print is quite small, but the important field ID characteristics are written in italics to make them easier to find at a glance.

Somewhat portable but not as small as we’d hope to see for international travelers or for carrying in the field.”

Review of theBirds of Europe (2nd Edition)
May 15, 2016
FGR Team (

“…Which leads me to the characteristic that makes this the best field guide ever. The identification section for each species focuses on the characteristics that most clearly identify the bird.”

Best Bird Field Guide Ever…Again”
Oct. 15, 2010
(The Birdchaser)

“This guide has been widely praised as the finest field guide for the birds of Europe, and even the best guide for any region period.”

Birds of Europe
Nov. 13, 2007
(The Birder’s Library)

Publisher’s Description:

Since it was first published a decade ago, Birds of Europe has become the definitive field guide to the diverse birdlife found in Europe. Now this superb guide has been brought fully up to date with revised text and maps along with added illustrations. Uniquely designed for easy use in the field, this expanded edition covers all 772 species found in the region as well as 32 introduced species or variants and 118 very rare visitors. Detailed species accounts describe key identification features, voice, habitat, range, and size. More than 3,500 full-color illustrations depict every species and all major plumage variations, and color distribution maps provide breeding, wintering, and migration ranges for every species.

Complete with an introduction to each group of birds that addresses major problems of observation and identification, this new edition is the ultimate field guide to Europe’s fascinating birdlife.

  • Expanded and fully updated
  • Covers all 772 species found in Europe, 32 introduced species or variants, and 118 very rare visitors
  • Features more than 3,500 color illustrations that depict every species
  • Includes detailed species accounts
  • Provides color distribution maps for every species
  • Color plates face text and maps for at-a-glance identification