California Rattlesnakes by Don Becker (iOS & Android App)

California Rattlesnakes (iOS & Android app)













  • excellent photos document species and subspecies variability
  • thorough species descriptions, including range maps
  • intuitive navigation, including search feature, technical terms that link to the glossary, and the ability to access species information by lists or image thumbnails
  • field first aid information in case of a bite
  • taxonomy current through 2016


  • only covers California

“This electronic field guide covers all the rattlesnakes of California. The high quality photos document the variability of each rattlesnake species and subspecies. This app field guide is useful to the general public, providing quick information to distinguish a rattlesnake from the many harmless snakes of the state, and also provides great detail useful to those more familiar with rattlesnakes. This guide also provides field first aid information in case of a bite. All this content is available without Internet connectivity, but links to other useful websites are available with an Internet connection. At 99 cents, this field guide app is a great value compared to printed field guides and very portable.

As the title suggests, the guide is limited to the California rattlesnakes.”

Review of the California Rattlesnakes by Don Becker (iOS & Android App)
Dec 1, 2016
FGR Team (

Publisher’s Description:

Rattlesnakes are an important and fascinating part of California’s wildlife. For those venturing outdoors in the Golden State, this app shows you how to distinguish a rattlesnake and how to identify the many species and subspecies that occur in the state. It also provides information about how to be safe in rattlesnake country and provides first aid tips in the event of a rattlesnake bite. Great photos and field guide information for the many rattlesnakes of the region.

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