Southern California Reptiles & Amphibians

Southern California Reptiles and Amphibians by Donald Becker (iOS & Android App)

Southern California Reptiles and Amphibians (iOS & Android app)













  • excellent photos document species and subspecies variability
  • thorough species descriptions, including detailed range summaries
  • frog and toad call recording
  • intuitive navigation, including search feature, links to glossary, and ability to access species information by lists or image thumbnails
  • taxonomy current through 2014


  • only covers the southern half of California
  • no range maps

“One of the most thorough regional field guide apps currently available. The many high quality photos document the variability of each species and subspecies for every reptile and amphibian in southern California. The frog and toad call recordings make it possible to identify these amphibians even if they are not visible. A great value compared to printed field guides and very portable.”

Review of the Southern California Reptiles and Amphibians by Donald Becker (iOS & Android App)
Dec 3, 2016
FGR Team (

Publisher’s Description:

All content written and compiled by Todd Battey.
California is literally crawling with reptiles and amphibians–and this app is your key to identifying and understanding them! SoCalHerps is a comprehensive field guide to reptiles and amphibians (herpetofauna) of southern California. It has over 2300 color photos and detailed text descriptions for 132 species–covering all native species and the most common introduced species. The app also includes audio recordings for each frog species.

Each species description includes notes on identification, behavior, habitat, range, hazards, range, similar species, taxonomic notes, and references. You can browse animals by scientific or common name or using a thumbnail browser–the same user interface that has gotten good reviews in other Earthrover guides. The app also includes a glossary, built-in help, an introduction, and a favorites list.

Whether you live in Southern California or are visiting, this app will let you quickly identify any reptile or amphibian you come across, whether it’s in the middle of the desert or in your own backyard.

Note: this app is about 700MB in size, so it’s best to download this over a Wi-Fi connection, or to your computer.

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