Collins Bird Guide app for iPhone and iPad

Collins Bird Guide (Europe, iOS App)

Collins Bird Guide (Europe) (iOS app)













  • comprehensive: Over 700 European species covered
  • innovative interface and layout
  • excellent illustrations and descriptions
  • includes large library of sounds


  • takes a bit of practice to master

“I could find next to nothing that I didn’t like about the app; the main issue I discovered was that the species comparisons are evidently optimised for viewing on the larger screen of an iPad. On my iPhone 5s, the presented information appears very small for some species comparisons (Arctic, Common and Whiskered Terns for example), with the text unreadable when they are presented directly together in this way — something that would be curable with the introduction of pinching in a future version. Another minor (and slightly pedantic) point is that there are the odd snippets of out-of-date information in the text, and some of the British status codes are a little wayward — though these are problems stemming from the original text, rather than a fault of the app itself.”

Collins Bird Guide app for iPhone and iPad
Sept. 22, 2014

Publisher’s Description:

The Collins Bird Guide App combines world-class illustrations and comprehensive information with intuitive design to create the ultimate field guide for passionate birders and casual birdwatchers alike. The app is based on the landmark book by Lars Svensson, Killian Mullarney and Dan Zetterström, universally acknowledged as the standard European field guide. This definitive work has been reimagined for iPad and iPhone by birders for birders.

The Collins Bird Guide App provides everything you need to identify a species quickly and learn about it thoroughly. Immerse yourself in the exceptional illustrations, maps, calls and concise text. Use the powerful search filter and curated confusion lists to focus in on a species. The Collins Bird Guide App is an essential companion always to hand on your iPhone, and available to browse in full glory on your iPad.

Features include:

• Over 700 European species covered
• 3500+ beautiful illustrations by Killian Mullarney and Dan Zetterström
• Detailed text covering habitat, range, identification and voice by Lars Svensson
• Record sightings, location and date with the listing tool
• Powerful search filter
• Intuitive design to quickly and easily swipe through species
• Curated lists of confusable species
• Over 750 carefully selected songs and calls – many by Lars Svensson
• Select species names from 18 languages
• Expertly edited video clips for all 794 species in the app (In-App Purchases)
• Available in English, Swedish, Norwegian, French and German
• Weighs nothing!

As well as the optional video library, the app incorporates British Trust for Ornithology/BirdWatch Ireland/Scottish Ornithologists’ Club Bird Atlas 2007–11 mapping data as an in-app purchase, providing the most comprehensive location mapping of any bird guide app.

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