Birds of Peru

Birds of Peru (iOS App)

Birds of Peru (iOS App)













  • - good illustrations (with species, maps, and layout
  • - original information same as the print version
  • - large library of bird calls and songs
  • - text focused on field identification


  • - field marks not shown on plates
  • - iOS only (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

“Why buy the app if you already own the book? The number one reason is the inclusion of songs for 1510 Peruvian birds. These recordings are a treasure trove for birders. The plates and maps for each species are large and excellent. Thirteen of the world’s most famous bird artists contributed full-color portraits.””

Review: Birds of Peru App
July 28, 2016
Dan Tallman(Dan Tallman’s Bird Blog)

Publisher’s Description:

Princeton Field Guides are comprehensive, in-depth identification tools designed for all nature enthusiasts. This is an interactive mobile field guide version of Princeton’s award winning Birds of Peru.

Peru is renowned for its spectacular array of wildlife and is home to one fifth of the world’s bird species and attracts birders and nature seekers from around the globe. The Birds of Peru mobile field guide is the most comprehensive and dependable birding tool for navigating this diverse neotropical landscape.

This easy-to-use application comes equipped with concise species descriptions, range maps, audio of bird calls, and detailed illustrations. Birds of Peru simplifies bird identification with an interactive Smart Search tool, and it makes it easy to keep track of bird sightings with an updatable life list. Birds of Peru is an important and must-have tool for all bird enthusiasts traveling in Peru, and is also useful in Colombia, Ecuador, the Brazilian Amazon, and Bolivia.


• Detailed species accounts for all of Peru’s +1800 bird species*
• Songs and/or calls for 1510 species
• Gorgeous illustrations for every species, many with multiple plumages or geographic variation
• Interactive Smart Search tool helps narrow down birds by region, color, size and/or habitat
• Easily track your sightings as you go

This mobile application was developed from a collaboration between Princeton Field Guides and Birds in the Hand, LLC.

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